Operate in haste, repent at leisure

Let me tell you about the time I got a new junior resident doctor by the name of Dr. Thombie Singh. One day after 6 months of training, I decided that he was capable enough to do hysterosalpingography – a procedure where we push a contrast dye into the womb to see whether the fallopian tube on each side is open. 

When Dr. Thombie Singh reached the X-ray room, there was a middle aged lady sitting outside on a bench. Without much ado he shepherded her into the room. The poor lady did as she was told but became alarmed when she had to raise her legs in order to be strapped into lithotomy position. Thombie reassured her in his typical flamboyant style that this was a routine part of the X-ray procedure.

Procedure done, the woman was helped to her feet and she hobbled away muttering about doctors and what she would do to them on a dark night. Dr. Thombie Singh then realized with growing horror that the woman had come for a thyroid scan and not hysterosalpingography.

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